Telegram Trading

Key Algorithm Calculated S&P 500 Support Levels:  4360 (SMALL) / 4300 (SMALL) / 4250 (MEDIUM) / 4240 (MEDIUM) / 4220 (LARGE) / 4200 (MEDIUM)

Key Algorithm Calculated S&P 500 Resistance Levels:  4380 (MEDIUM) / 4355 (SMALL) / 4320 (SMALL)

Assessment: Well, so far things played out as expected. We had a drop, gap fill and now the final part of the plan is a much stronger leg down. Will we get it?!?!? That is the question today. I am just going to watch the price action and keep my SDS on a short leash in case I only got two of out three moves right, and not all three. Let’s see what the day brings us! Good luck in your trades!