TSP Live Content Updates

Good morning,

As we move through the summer I will continue to use the past year’s experience to tweak all The Sharp Plays content. It’s an evolutionary process that occurs every year from April through August and we are in the midst of the 2022 version of it. Today I wanted to discuss an update to TSP Live content.

Moving forward TSP Live’s core content will continue to be TSP Daily Briefing, Hermes and the Oddsmaker’s Report. You might say…why have anything else??? LOL! I always like to test new areas and content. So, TSP Live will also provide “bonus content” to subscribers.

What is the difference between core content and bonus content?

Core content will be operational every day of the subscription. What that means is every day of the month TSP Daily Briefing will go out, the book’s chat will be monitored for Oddsmaker’s Report content and Hermes will be running and ready to issue wagers. No matter the day, these tools will be operation. Of course it doesn’t guarantee that there will be Oddsmaker’s Report or Hermes content everyday…just that they will be active should something arise.

Bonus TSP Live content will be information, tools, and analytics that could show up over the course of the month, but may not be operating every day. Currently, “TSP Live bonus content” includes, but is not limited to, TSP Live Bulletin Board and In-Play wagering alerts. What this means is that content can occur over the course of the month, but these features and tools may not be operating every day of the month. It’s a “bonus” to thank you for subscribing, but not guaranteed to be available every day. You can visit https://tsp.live/tsp-live/ for a bull breakdown of core and bonus TSP Live content.

Why the change in terms and setup? It allows me some flexibility. My goal is always to test to new content and features to assist subscribers with their wagering. When you subscriber I want you to be assured that there will be core content operating every day, but I also want you to know that over the course of the month, there can and will be bonus content. Bonus content will be dictated by what occurs in the betting markets, my availability and ability to cover it properly that day, and what new toys come out of The Sharp Plays Research & Development department. I am very excited about the expansion and will have more details in the weeks ahead.

TSP Live subscribers will see a “TSP Live Memo” hit the channel within the next hour or two with further details. Thanks for listening and for your patience as TSP content continues to evolve and get dialed in for the upcoming football season! After all it is only 80 days away!!

Good luck in your action!