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Assessment: As I said in the FMA yesterday, I don’t expect much today or next week. Today is a summer Friday and we know how those go. We will see very mild action from 9:30 to about 11am ET and then it’ll be a ghost town. Next week is the week which leads into the 4th of July (Monday). So, I could easily see some mild action on Monday as traders reposition but then I don’t expect much next week.

There is no news and there are no scheduled catalysts out there. If Russia does something stupid or news breaks then that could wake everyone up. However, outside of that we have nothing on the calendar next week and really until we get into July when earnings begin.

So, might be a quiet week next week and likely to be quiet today. The one thing with all of this is typically quiet holiday weeks are bullish. Let’s see what happens. I will be watching and am always ready to act if an opportunity presents itself.

Good luck in your trades!