**Content Plans & Updates**

Over the past few months, I have been tweaking, planning, updating and upgrading to get everything ready for the marathon from September through February. SEPTEMBER SUBSCRIPTIONS INCLUDING THE 6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TO COVER THE ENTIRETY OF THE FOOTBALL SEASON LAUNCHES SUNDAY. I WILL POST ON TWITTER AND TELEGRAM WHEN THEY GO LIVE!

Here are the changes…

First, the daily recap that I used to post to Twitter every morning, and which found itself in an expanded version in TSP Live Insider each day, will now be posted directly in the Telegram channel. It allows me to streamline the information that I publish within TSP Live Insider while also making the recap public for transparency.

Second, TSP Live analytics tables are back for football with a new addition…the In-Play Analytic. I am working on a “known” bettor table/alert that will track one or more top bettors at the book and will let you know the details once complete. There is no LJP table this year as that analytic evolved into Hermes.

Third, Telegram content will be more frequent daily, will still have robot sharp reports, and expand into deeper strategy discussions. Twitter will cover sharp reports, algorithms, and other random tidbits. The goal will be to attract an audience through Twitter by providing high quality free content and then bring serious bettors into the war room here on Telegram.

Fourth, content reports that hit Twitter and Telegram will be taking on a new format in terms of content delivery and grading. Reports will now be posted in the following way…

Report:  Sharp
Size: Small Buy
Angle: Tampa Bay -1
League: NFL
TSP Value Assessment: +EV, -EV, 0EV
In-Play Target: Tampa Bay +7.5

The addition of the “TSP Value Assessment” line will be calculated using an array of algorithms I designed to assess value. Wagers that are designated as “+EV” will be logged and tracked within The Sharp Plays content logs and records tables. Wagers that are “-EV” (negative value) and “0EV” (neutral or “fair” value) are being reported for information purposes only but WILL NOT be graded and logged.

Why the change? I love reporting information and I want the robots to report anything rising to interesting levels. However, I don’t want The Sharp Plays being graded on sharp reports which I think are bad bets. Examples…yesterday with Draper in tennis, which the robots triggered on and I said the price was 40 cents too high OR something like Green Bay over KC where the price was too steamed for me. In theory, that’s an 0-2 record for reports which I saw no value in. So, I don’t want what is essentially my brand (The Sharp Plays) being assessed based on reports I wouldn’t bet. HOWEVER…I still want to provide that information for your assessment so you know what is going on in the markets, regardless of my assessment. So, on wagers where my algorithms agree there is value…sure TSP should be graded based on that assessment since TSP tools also saw value. On wagers where the algorithm sees no value (“0EV”) of negative value (“-EV”) the information will be reported for you to fade or follow, but TSP will not be graded upon them.

My goal today was to cover the broad strokes today. There will be some tweaks along the way as always. Here’s to a great football season and thanks for joining me!

As I said in TSP Live Insider this morning. The content may not win every day, but I guarantee you, there is nobody who works harder to deliver the best content possible than me here at The Sharp Plays…majority of it is free of charge too! Thanks for checking it out and especially your support which makes it all possible!

Good luck!