TSP Content Update – “If it’s not rated, it’s not graded!”

I cover A TON of different content and I know it is tough to keep track of it all…what is graded, what is logged, etc. I am going to give a try to a method that will have a simple slogan…you guessed it…

“If it’s not rated…it’s not graded!”

Meaning if the alert (public or subscriber) does not contain a unit rating, then it will not be tracked on a unit basis anywhere. There are only three exceptions to this…TSP Live Radar readings of 73 and below and Book Needs readings of 69 and below…because neither triggers alerts. Also, public concentrations will just be graded as 1 unit to measure public performance. Book Needs readings of 60-69 will be graded and logged, despite not triggering alerts. Everything else posted in TSP Live, Twitter and Telegram will show a unit rating (usually 1 unit because that’s how I log it right now anyway) if it is going to be graded. Should be very simple and really doesn’t change much. Most content right now is graded based on 1 unit. The addition of explicitly saying “1.00 units” in the alert itself just gives you the confirmation of what’s what.

Alerts to Twitter and Telegram will look like this…


💵Sharp Buy

Tampa Bay -5 (NFL)

Sharp money hit -4.5, line moved to -5…no action at -5 at this time.

Rating: 0.00 units

Remember, if it’s not rated…it’s not graded! At which point it is for informational & news material purposes only.😁


💵Sharp Buy

New England -8

Sharp money hit -7 and -8 within the past 30 minutes.


Rating: 1.00 units

Remember, if it’s not rated…it’s not graded! At which point it is for informational & news material purposes only.😁


The first alert above is telling you sharp money is betting Tampa and WOULD NOT be graded within TSP content logs/records because no unit rating exists (i.e. “0.00 units”). The second alert is telling you sharp money is betting New England -8 and would be graded and logged as sharp content because it contains a unit rating (i.e. “1.00 units”).

All alerts within TSP Live will also have a line showing the rating in the alert. As new alerts go out through TSP Live you will see this new section and it will be VERY easy to understand. I will be sure to discuss and point it out with every TSP Live alert that goes out in the near term so there is no confusion.

With the new system there should be no question then of what is going to be logged in the content logs and records tables and what is just being put out for information purposes and will not be logged.

Allows me a lot of reporting flexibility to get information out to you, at the same time it is clear to you what is tracked/logged and what is not.

A lot of updates will be going on the next week to streamline and optimize the content, I apologize if it gets a little hectic, but it really shouldn’t. The key is once this change is fully in place, it should be VERY EASY to follow along.

Feedback welcome! Could be an awful idea from your side of things so I welcome your thoughts.

Good luck!