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Good morning!

Incredibly solid day yesterday as every bit of content in the Degenerate Club Report went a combined 13-0. Does that mean you should bet it all? Of course not, however I love days like that because it means no matter what you picked to use for your wagers on the report…you were a winner. So, even I didn’t go 12-0 on my bets yesterday, but love to see that result! Even caught the Valencia DRAW +305 and Azarenka +205 (which went up). Full recap on Telegram this morning. Experiment angles go 7-0!


DO NOT BET TODAY AS THOUGH THE DEGENERATE CLUB WILL GO 8-0, 10-0, 12-0, 9-1, ETC. Gambling is a grind and while the overall Degenerate Club Report has been solid new content, gambling is a process of enduring positive and negative streaks.

A PERFECT EXAMPLE is the Degenerate Club experimental angles over the past few days. The experiment went 12-12 on Saturday, 1-3 on Sunday, and then 7-0 on Monday. Today could easily be 4-8 (rolling record from Monday is 11-8) and then 1-4 on Wednesday (rolling record now 12-12) and then a 8-3 on Thursday (rolling record now 20-15). See how that record has good days and bad days, but remains grinding a profit. THIS IS HOW GAMBLING PERFORMANCE WORKS. So, while it is great to see the 7-0…I did not find the Holy Grail of gambling and the experiment angles will be easy printing money profits whereby you can throw bankroll management out the window and risk 10 units per wager. There will be 0-7 days too…maybe even right back today! Trust me, the Holy Grail doesn’t exist. I searched for that bad boy for 20+ years and nothing! The best you get is a long-term grind (including hot streaks and awful cold runs along the way)…which when you see what happens to other gamblers is pretty sweet. So, bet smart and let’s hope the GRIND of the experiment angles and Degenerate Club continues!

I appreciate the feedback yesterday on DCR, new alerts, etc. The week ahead is going to have some clerical and technical updates. I will do my best to be as brief as possible when describing the plans and updates. Quick bullets for today…

+ For 9 out of 10 days, I place all my pregame bets for the day by 11am ET to secure early prices. For the 1 out of 10 days when something material happens after 11am ET (or I am hoping for a better price), usually you will get that information in a TSP Live, Twitter or Telegram alert. It’s also why there is not a lot of reporting or major releases in the evening now that the Degenerate Club Report comes out daily. The DCR allows me to be more efficient with the content, get the information into your hands earlier, have you more informed (DCR covers EVERYTHING I am seeing), and allow you to get your action down early. It’s going to be awesome next year to have the DCR covering weekend football action starting on Monday. The tables (Radar, KB Consensus and Book Needs) will still be there, but the ability to lock in early prices based on intel will be awesome!

+ The old style of waiting until 30 minutes or an hour before an event to get an alert out and confirm action is something that will be minimized. One of the things which makes me proud of TSP Live is that because of that late alert system we were STILL achieving a winning and profitable performance on wagers even when betting that late meant getting the worst of the number in most cases. There will still be late alerts in TSP Live, but being able to get more prices earlier…better prices…should maximize and amplify the performance over the long-term!

+ The new alert system (discussed on Telegram yesterday) with unit ratings attached (or no unit rating if something isn’t going to be graded) should remove all questions of what is being logged and graded and what is not. Whether that content appears in TSP Live, on Telegram or Twitter…if it has a unit rating, it is graded and logged. If it does not have a unit rating, it is information I thought was interesting and helpful for handicapping, but will not be graded nor logged.

+ What causes something to have a unit rating? If it gets a +EV rating in TSP Live algorithms, same method as previous with Twitter and Telegram alerts, except the new alerts don’t include the “+EV” label like the old alerts. So, nothing changes as to what triggers an alert. What triggered alerts last year and even last week is the same thing that will trigger alerts this year moving forward. What changes is how those alerts are presented visually so you know what’s going to appear as a win/loss on the content log and records table versus something that won’t be logged at all (no rating).

+ I will be tracking the Degenerate Club wagers (the green section at the bottom of the Degenerate Club Report) in a log for future reference which you can see on the Content Log page at TheSharpPlays.com. Records update for today within the hour, at which time yesterday DC parlay will be added.

+ Eventually the Degenerate Club will start with wagers greater than 0.10 units. For now though I want to show some initial techniques and lessons through the wagers. You might say, “TSP, these damn things are down 2 units?!?! WTF is the lesson?” Don’t get ahead of things, remember the Karate Kid example…”wax on, wax off…paint the fence”. You will see (hopefully LOL) as we go along, patience is key.

That’ll do it for me today. I hope you have a wonderful day and good luck in your action!

Don’t forget to check the TSP Live analytics tables (CLICK HERE) to see what, if anything, is going on for the day.

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