**Thursday Recap**

In TSP Live…

Pretty quiet day overall! My Most Interesting Action report on Golden St was probably the highlight of the day because of what it meant to the free content, more on that in a bit.

The degenerate action lost for -0.10 units as the Devils look like total trash. Not sure what sharp money sees there, but it is not translating to the ice!

The DCR Selections went 1-1 as Boston cashed in MLB, but Cam Norrie had a WTA style meltdown to lose.

Late Releases went 1-1 as the Pirates UN9.5 was a sweaty cash and started out ugly…but then we got the bone on Phoenix -2 for the 1st Quarter as LAC hits a 3 at the buzzer for a 27-27 score for the 1st Quarter! COME ON!!!!!!!

On Twitter and Telegram, the Cutting Room Floor Selections went 1-1, but the big news is the Twitter rollover…which started with JUST 0.10 UNITS OF BANKROLL RISK is now +7.34 units!!!! That means a $10 bettor…yes, who started this wager with just $10 now has $734 for a 73.4 to 1 ROI! Hope you had fun! We’ll have to do it again sometime…perhaps even starting the new one today!

Good luck!