TSP Update

Good afternoon,

Thank you for all the messages! I promise I will reply to everyone, but the response to the recent rollover and content in 2023 has been overwhelming this morning! Glad you had fun, made a very nice return on investment and it was a relatively sweat-free cash from the Warriors! Appreciate the messages, always nice to hear how the content works for everyone…or when it does not.

I have done 10 rollovers in 2023. Eight of the rollovers lost for -0.81 units…two of them won for +13.71 units (individually paying +6.28 units and +7.43 units)…for a net profit of +12.90 units and all of them started with just 0.10 or 0.11 units of risk! There’s nobody better out there. You can keep looking (wink, wink)…but like many others…you will be back because The Sharp Plays is the best there is…bottom line!

I got the following question from someone today and it is essentially the same thing many people have asked lately. I discussed this A LOT in paid content (so apologies to subscribers for the repetition), but given the content and operations have changed and evolved A LOT in 2023, I think it is important to address publicly. The question today was…”Love your content TSP and followed for years, but this year has been next level, what changed because it is working.”

It’s a simple answer…I went back to doing what felt right for the content. Through the years I didn’t just listen to, but I acted on EVERY SINGLE bit of feedback that came in. It created a massive operational bureaucracy as I listened to followers tell me what “I should do” each day…and then I did it. It’s just how the gambling business works with customers…you do whatever to keep them happy and this is the modus operandi I have become accustomed to years in the business. At the end of 2022 I said fuck all that. I am spending more time on bullshit every day, that does nothing for the content, than on putting out quality content. If people don’t want to follow…fine. I am going to do what feels right and get back to my roots of putting out the best content in the gambling space…HANDS DOWN! On January 1st, 2023 I implemented my plan…and the content has never been better! Paid content has been incredible with the new Degenerate Club Reports and TSP Live alert content. At the same time, the public content has been killing it too! It’s no coincidence!

Public content is +12.70 units just on rollovers betting 0.10 units! For comparison, if these were 1 unit bets that would amount to +127.0 units in two months! Obviously it would be tough to bet 23 units like you would have had to last night if there were 1 unit bets…but you get the point.

I have implemented a lot of changes for 2023, and I am not done yet. I have cut the fat, removed stupid tasks each day while at the same time expanding the information and content you receive…all the while maintaining a level of transparency not often [at all] found in the gambling space. Every unit rated wager (public/paid) along with any green section of TSP Live content is tracked, logged, graded in a records table, and updated daily. Everything else…is information for your assessment. I am working on football plans and summer updates as we speak (more on this in the days/weeks ahead).

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to each and every single one of you out there for giving me a reason to put out content every day! Yes, even you haters who want me to fail so badly that it brings success my way from the universe. I don’t hate you back, I love you and wish you nothing but the best. The more you hate…the better I do! #Karma

Good luck!