**Sunday Recap**

In TSP Live…

There were no highlighted 1 unit plays.

The DCR Selections went 1-1 for -0.20 units.

The Late Release made a nice comeback for the win on Edmonton -175. A lot of chalk to handle there and the initial 0-3 start by the Kings made this a bit rough…but the Oilers get the win. Some great in-play prices if you dabbled. When down 0-3, the Oilers were anywhere from +550 to +500 depending on the book!

The degenerate action gave back its 0.39 units of house money.

On Twitter and Telegram, no rollover action and the Cutting Room Floor selections went 3-2 for +0.9 units.

The golf buys almost caught a juicy outright, but two of the three still finished in the Top 20 for a profitable weekend if you messed around with that report (https://twitter.com/TheSharpPlays/status/1648874771315081216?s=20).

Quiet Monday as is usual, let’s see what we get.

Good luck!