Telegram Trading

The below assessment is provided under the disclaimer at http://TSP.Live/trading-content-disclaimer/. Always consult with a licensed financial professional before trading.

Assessment: I am going through some assessment of the FMA content for potential updates, similar to what I did with TSP Live and the sports content/Degenerate Club Report. More information on that shortly.

In the mean time, the news of the day is that Microsoft and Google exceeded earnings expectations and then pumped the shit out of AI in an effort to draw interest and investor dollars. Any time a company talks about AI or uses that in their company name…they see so much cash inflow that they can’t even count it!

The question today will not be there this market starts, but where it finished. Yesterday the market sold pretty good and broke through key supports. Today it will likely pop at the open…but will that pop hold and will the bulls secure and hold the SPY $410 level? That’s what I will be watching for. Anything between $405 and $410 means very little.

Good luck in your trades!