DCR Cutting Room Floor

I may hold off on doing the Cutting Room Floor selections. They really are not a follow, but they also do not provide a profit fading either. I hoped they would go one way or the other and thereby be usable selections, but as MLB approaches 100 selections, these selections are no closer to being a good fade nor follow. Let’s see what it does through the weekend. At present, the data sample of 461 selections across all sports is hitting 232-229 for 50.3%. You need better than 52.4% to be a quality follow or worse than 47.6% to be a good fade. We are almost smack in the middle with the cutting room selections…basically a coin toss at 50.3%.

So as I said, I’ll ride out the weekend, but barring a major shift, no reason to spend time doing it, logging the selections or tracking the results when there is little to them either way. Might as well use the time on other content or new ideas.

I will be doing an analysis of the Cutting Room Floor data up to this point to see if there are any good fade or follow subsets within on Monday. If anyone has any data in this regard, feel free to reach out! You can run analysis using the sorting options on the DCR Selection log at https://thesharpplays.com/tsp-performance-log/.

Cutting Room Floor (128-125 NCAAB / 39-43 NBA / 18-19 NHL / 0-0 NFL):

MLB (47-42 -0.58 units)…
Washington +120 *-
Miami -116 BA-
Cleveland/Boston UN9 (-120) +-
LA Dodgers -150 +BA

Tampa Bay -110

**Tracking selections and subsets in red for data assessment purposes only. These are not designed as fades nor follows.**

DCR subset key can be found at https://tsp.live/dcr-subsets/

Good luck!