DCR Cutting Room Floor

So I did an analysis using the Content Log feature (https://thesharpplays.com/tsp-performance-log/) to sort the performances, here’s what I found…

BA subset is -1.40 units

* subset is -17.55 units (more on this in a second)

– subset is -8.30 units

The “*” subset has 200 selections which means a rough ROI is -8.75%. At that percentage these selections would overcome vig and be worthy of a fade. Earning roughly 7 units or 3.5% ROI.

The BA and – subsets are not performing well enough to follow, but they also are not good fades. I am working on the subset combinations to see what’s what. There are some subsets involving “*” which have shown to be follows…so, again more assessment is ongoing.

If all of this is confusing, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Eventually, I would be updating the DCR selections and CRF selections so that the DCR contains all the subsets and combos shown to be positive follows or fades…and will be noted accordingly. I am just giving you a peek behind the curtain.

Cutting Room Floor (128-125 NCAAB / 39-44 NBA / 18-20 NHL / 0-0 NFL):

MLB (52-46 +1.09 units)…
Kansas City +135 $*
Baltimore/Kansas City UN9 (-115) BA
Seattle -135 BA*

Florida +145 *BA

**Tracking selections and subsets in red for data assessment purposes only. These are not designed as fades nor follows.**

DCR subset key can be found at https://tsp.live/dcr-subsets/

Good luck!