Line Shopping

Yesterday the Knicks -6 were a medium sharp buy as discussed in the Degenerate Club Report. The line moved to -6.5. If you shopped around, you could find books at -6 AND a couple of you were able to find books where you could move down to 5.5 (several mentioning PointsBet) for only -130.

It brings up a question of…when does it cost too much to move the number? Fair value for a half point is 10 cents in the NBA. Most books will charge 11 to 15 cents (or more depending on how square the book is) to move a half point. So, if I can get a situation where I can move a price half a point for 10 cents…or spend the 20 cents to get a full point and be below the price sharp money tagged…it is worth it to me! So, always shop around and check what a book is charging you to move the price. You might be surprised!

Good luck!