**Sunday Recap**

In TSP Live…

DCR Selections went 2-3 (Late Releases 1-0, DCR Selections 1-3)

The rollover lost for -0.10 units.

We are now big fans of the Eastern Conference as our only Western Conference Stanley Cup futures team is out with Edmonton. We have Florida +1100 and Carolina +1400 remaining. I think if Edmonton could solve their goalkeeping issues they will be a real force next year.

The Prop King has tried to play Harden unsuccessfully going 1-2 on wagers involved Harden. At least he is out of the playoffs now. The guy is 13-2 last season, but 3-3 this season. A little bit of regression, but I have no doubts about his ability and will continue to cover him. There was a reason I covered him prior to the 13-2 playoff season…it was not just a coincidence. So, he’s not super human and will have losses too. If you look at a 3-3 record as the end of the world, you are betting way too much!

On Twitter & Telegram, the Cutting Room Floor fades got the win with Pittsburgh. The rollovers yesterday went 1-1 as the parlay was reduced to a straight bet, but got the win. So, we have some bankroll to roll!

Sunday’s continue to underwhelm though overall. The run of Sunday Funday’s has seen some regression the past few weeks.

Golf coverage lost the matchup, but 5 out of 6 players covered for golf outrights finished in the Top 20. It’s been a great way to play the futures recently and has returned a nice profit!

Let’s see what Monday provides.

Good luck!!