DCR Cutting Room Floor

FADE PLAYS….I list what the selection formula picks and then in parenthesis is what you would bet for the fade.

Miami -143 *- (FADE = BET WASHINGTON)
NY Mets -102 $* (FADE = BET TAMPA BAY)

The following are being listed so I can build a further data set, but they have not shown to be good fades nor follows.

Chicago White Sox -135 -+

DCR subset key can be found at https://tsp.live/dcr-subsets/

Subsets shown to be good fades are the following combos: *-, *$, *#, *BA, -$

Interestingly, the “*” subset by itself is actually a good follow…as are the $, # and BA subsets by themselves. For some reason when they get together it is not so good.

Good luck!