DCR Cutting Room Floor

CRF goes 2-2-1 yesterday, but thanks to the Copa DRAW, Giron in tennis, and only a half loss on the soccer total (Asian Handicaps which push and lose are called “pushes”) the record earned +2.6 units of profit! Nice to see some initial success as the DCR selections expand.

FADE PLAYS….I list what the selection formula picks and then in parenthesis is what you would bet for the fade.


The following are being listed so I can build a further data set, but they have not shown to be good fades nor follows.

Houston -124
Cleveland +115
Vondrousova +105 (WTA Montreal)

**I am tracking what would normally be DCR sides based on subset as part of the Cutting Room Floor. Only totals at this time for MLB make it to the DCR due to their performance.**

DCR subset key can be found at https://tsp.live/dcr-subsets/

Interestingly, the “*” subset by itself is actually a good follow…as are the $, # and BA subsets by themselves. For some reason when they get together it is not so good.

Good luck!