Good evening!

Tomorrow starts a brief update period running from 12:01am ET tomorrow morning through Sunday (the 20th). For in depth details, visit https://tsp.live/the-annual-tsp-upgrade-update-sessions/.

Please note that paid content support (payments or payment issues, login issues, problems with TSP.Live, etc.) will be handled within 1-3 hours during normal business hours by the answering service I use to handle those needs. Anything else will be set aside for me to address and I will do that in the early morning or late evening each day. I will gladly respond to all legitimate messages at that time. It’s just that instead of discussing the weather and what you had for breakfast, I will be spending my time once the DCR goes out each morning to learn the new systems that were installed and run a variety of live tests over the next four days. I want to make sure everything is running at peak performance for the upcoming football season…and that I know how to use everything.

None of these updates will effect the paid content. DCR and TSP Live alerts will go out as normal and when anything interesting arises or the bots find something. I might have less content on Telegram or Twitter. The only records, logs and Index will be down (I am updating them for today shortly), but all content from Thursday through Sunday will be logged and recorded…with the Index updated (I will discuss this in the DCR each day despite the table being down at the website) on Monday morning.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as I work to get everything ready to rock and roll for the football season ahead!

Good luck!