TSP Live Insider 8/27

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Good morning!

The FOOTBALL SEASON and SEPTEMBER subscriptions for TSP Live and the All-Inclusive (TSP Live and Financial Market Analytics…which discusses the financial markets) are OPEN FOR SIGNUP!! You can purchase either subscription by visiting https://TSP.Live/tsp-live! For further details on the Financial Market Analytics subscription, you can visit https://TSP.Live/fma. I cannot believe regular season football is underway…let’s have another profitable and fun season of action! I appreciate your support which makes everything you see here under The Sharp Plays umbrella possible…including the continued expansion in content and technology!

So, what’s the deal with a Sunday TSP Live Insider?!?! First, I did want to do something to formally launch the September and football season long subscriptions for TSP Live and FMA (see above). However, the topic I really wanted to cover here is the new audio and video content I will be featuring this football season and moving forward. If you have no clue what I am talking about, I would advise checking out this link: https://twitter.com/TheSharpPlays/status/1695563331585654961?s=20.

As is always the case with anything new, immediately it is met with sheer panic from a small group of people. Is all The Sharp Plays content going to audio and/or video only?!?! Um……no. It would be a total pain in the ass and double or triple the workload of what I do right now. I am about optimizing workloads, not expanding them. So, if you are worried about the DCR or Oddsmaker’s Report all of a sudden only being available in a full audio or video format, that’s not in the cards.

The goal of the expansion to audio and video is to open new avenues for content that aren’t possible through text alone. Like what?

Well, I can put a lot more information into a video or audio clip that I post to Twitter than I could by typing a message on Twitter. Not to mention, people are more apt to listen to and understand the presentation of information in a two minute video, with pictures and slides, than they would from two sentences of text. So, it allows me to put more information in your hands than a tweet or Telegram message could ever provide.

For example, I am big with “bettor education”. Now, instead of an article (and we know how people hate to take the time to read)…how about a presentation with voiceover to cover various betting education topics? Content that you could watch at your leisure and likely would absorb better than just reading an article on the same topic. Also, by having the lesson as an audio/video presentation you could open Telegram (or whatever platform) and then listen through the Bluetooth on your car while you drive. Reading an article and driving is not advised. Not to mention, when many people read something they immediately become fatigued by the process of reading and exponentially less engaged. Audio and video will make for a more engaging presentation on let’s say bankroll management techniques or perhaps even something like breaking down a specific betting market for that day’s action.

Another idea is the ability to setup a selection release show for a key wager I am publicly releasing or a rollover. What would this look like? At 8pm ET tonight (for example) I could invite everyone to a special video link. At that link, and at exactly the scheduled time, a stream would play where I would release a selection. What’s the benefit of this? Everyone could get it at the same time and could attack the market at once across all their books. The benefit is it would limit the book’s abilities to move lines across the market and before the bulk of bettors placed their action. For example, if tonight I decide I am going to bet something, you only know when I post that message to Twitter and the Twitter notification goes out. At which point others likely beat you to the bet, because everyone will notice the tweet at different times, and as we have seen, the lines will move preventing you from securing the optimal number. A scheduled video for something like this can be seen at https://youtu.be/GD9ks7wMxn8. AGAIN THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE…THE WAGER/ANGLE DISCUSSED IS MADE UP. I have some things I am going to work on with these types of videos, but the example was put together quickly just to give you a general idea.

You might say…but TSP…I can just fast forward the video. When I do this for real, the fast forward and user controls would be disabled for everyone watching. The above link is just to show you an example of what the video would look like, not the actual operation of such a video. Just imagine a link where there would be a countdown clock, then when the countdown is over the video would automatically begin to play…keeping every viewer on exactly the same timeline and allowing everyone to attack the book at once. Text doesn’t allow the same description, walkthrough and wager setup as watching a video would allow. A video can provide a more strategic and timely walkthrough than text.

Another idea is breaking down the action of say every NFL game. To read such a breakdown might be too much for some, but to sit in your car and listen to the audio breakdown, like a podcast, of each game could be more a lot more palatable.

I am honestly just barely scratching the surface with what audio and video will allow me to do this season. I really could go on and on about the possibilities of what I have tested and toyed with in the offseason. However, my goal today was just to give you some examples of uses, and to allow let you know that TSP content is not all of a sudden being converted to 100% audio and video. A/V will allow me new content adventures, it won’t just recycle current content into an audio and/or video format. So, 95% of the posts to Twitter or Telegram and the content in TSP Live will still be all text. It’s just that occasionally some content will be released in an audio and video format to liven things up a little from the all text setup you see today. I also would like to text the waters with the selection release idea as I have seen how others are able to secure their followers/clients better prices across a larger number of people with the method.

Now for those of you maniacs who have an anxiety level that runs at around 99 out of 100 for every minute of every day…I am not doing these videos for every single selection released and every bit of content. I like to think that after 12+ years of following me on Twitter you realize I am not completely a moron. While I surely don’t get everything right, my decisions since 2011 have brought the content and technology into areas neither one of us ever imagined (at least that’s the case for me)! At the same time, the expansion in content and technology has been a very good thing. Every SINGLE expansion in content in technology is met, by some of you, with more anxiety and fear than when you left the womb. CALM DOWN! Yes, I realize this may seem condescending to some of you…but you HAVE NO IDEA THE LUNATICS I DEAL WITH ON THIS END. Without this disclaimer I will get a handful of messages with utter panic that the DCR is now going to be 100% audio…or that everything I post on Twitter and Telegram will ONLY be video. Did anyone say that? No, I did not. So, for my anxiety riddled readers…take a breath and before you explode like a piñata in panic…just see how all this plays out and then provide feedback in a week or two from now. I think by taking a breath and watching it in action, instead of your imagination, you will realize it is another positive evolution in The Sharp Plays content & technology…bringing wagering content into a whole new realm…and providing more profits with it!

I hope you enjoy the new frontier in TSP content!!

That’ll do it for me today. I hope you have a wonderful day and good luck in your action!