KB Consensus 🇺🇸

I was asked how I use the KB Consensus. The KB Consensus is easily the best performing analytic in TSP Live. It was 32-13-3 last season and already 4-2 for this season.

The 60%+ readings will trigger alerts, but the 59% and below readings will not. Why?

In designing the KB Consensus analytic, back in 2019 before it debuted for the 2020 football season, I noticed when the calculation I created equalled 60% and above, it performed at a very high percentage. I noticed the 50-59% performed profitably as well, but for some reason when you used that 60% cutoff there was a dramatic difference in performance.

As such for 2020 and 2021, I when a KB Consensus play dropped below the 60% market it would drop from the KB Consensus table. In 2022, I left these angles on the table because people wanted to track them and I knew they did have a positive performance in testing.

The 50-59% are hardly a slouch, they are currently hitting 11-7 for 61.1%, but it is a small sample size, so FYI. However, the 60%+ angles are…a combined 113-64 for 63.8% (far larger sample size).

So, that has been the evolution and performance of the KB Consensus analytic. The 50-59% will likely grind a very nice profit, but the 60%+ are otherworldly. It definitely doesn’t mean the KB Consensus 60%+ can’t have an 0-10 run…quite possible, but for over three years running now, they have their cold spells but keep churning out units over the long haul.

Good luck!