TSP Live Insider 9/18

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Good morning!


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It was a solid weekend of content that began with a monster Saturday and a relatively quiet Sunday. On Sunday there were only two TSP Live alerts. The first was a medium Book Need on Jacksonville +3 which lost and the other was the Public Prop Fade on Tyreek Hill UN80.5 receiving yards which cashed. My parlay of the week saw the legs go 2-1…losing the parlay on Atlanta by the hook! Glad some of you didn’t listen to me and took Atlanta on the moneyline to cash it!

Today’s message attacks two different things that came to mind after this weekend’s performance…

First, not every week will have an epic winning day or be an epic winning weekend. I know this seems like common sense…but common sense isn’t all that common after all…especially among gamblers. The epic winning weekends and awful losing weekends are more the exception than the rule. When the epic winning weekends come, be sure to soak it in and remember them. It’ll help when you are in the midst of an awful losing weekend. Too many people fall into such a deep despair when they lose at gambling. If you can put things into perspective then it is much easier to handle the losers…which are inevitable. Handling the winners is easy. If you can’t handle the losers, chances are you will get angry and emotional…and that temperament will manifest itself in your forcing and pressing wagers beyond reason…and usually make your situation far worse. If you could instead weather a losing weekend, by remembering the last epic winning weekend, and looking forward to the next epic winning weekend, sometimes it helps to tamp down the emotion and keep your wagering under control.

Second, and I am not sure why this is the case…it just is. What is? Usually when there is a good Saturday or a good Sunday, the next Saturday or Sunday tends to go the other way to some extent. You usually don’t have two epic winning Saturday’s in back to back weeks….or back to back epic winning Sunday’s. So, next Saturday…bet smart and be cautious. We could be walking into a college football minefield. I will still bet normal next Saturday to start the day (pending the TSP Index reading at the time), but I will definitely take it a step at a time to avoid firing a ton of action early and getting cooked because we have some Saturday regression. So, just something to keep in mind as we head into another week of football action.

Here’s to another great and fun week of football action ahead!

In terms of sharp buying at this time…very small buying on CAROLINA +3 in the NFL…and now the STEELERS are getting a little buy too at +2. Very small on Pittsburgh, but it caught my eye. Over in MLB, small sharp buy on PHILADELPHIA +105.

That’ll do it for me today. I hope you have a wonderful day and good luck in your action!