Telegram Sports Update

Solid day of TSP Live (https://TSP.Live/tsp-live) content yesterday…

DCR Selections 2-0
Degenerate Rollovers 2-0
TSP Live Radar 74+ angles 2-0
TSP Live Radar overall 7-4
Book Needs 3-0
Late Release 0-1
Group Buy 0-1

Publicly on the Telegram channel for the freeloaders (love you!)…

Early Telegram Sports Update NCAAF went 3-2
Late Telegram Sports Update NCAAF went 3-2 (6-4 overall NCAAF)
Aborted Book Positions 2-1 (UCLA released prior to game ended up winning)
Soccer went 1-0
MLB & NHL went 1-3

For today, we have a bye week adjusted NFL card, one MLB game and two NHL games plus some tennis and soccer. Soccer has been on an uptrend, so might be worth keeping an eye on. Beyond soccer, today is really all about NFL as most Sundays tend to be.

In terms of low level action out there…

Athletico Bilbao +0.75 (-115) in Spain’s La Liga @ 3pm ET

Detroit/Baltimore OVER 37

A lot of mid-range action out there today, let’s see what shapes up. I will likely have some rollover action on Twitter/X later.

Good luck!!