Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

It was a solid Sunday…but to me, not quite the EPIC Sunday I have been shooting for. Don’t get me wrong, it was good. However, those EPIC Sundays that TSP Live veterans know of are the ones when EVERYTHING goes right.

The highlight of Sunday was cashing our three leg parlay for +6 units of profit! Obviously that made the day. The next best thing for me was cashing the rollover of 1.1 units on Atlanta to FINALLY bring our degenerate rollover to OVER 5 units of bank. As always, 5 units might not sound like a lot, but that has been built with just one initial wager of 0.1 units. Since that wager, the 5.1 units is PURE PROFIT! Not to mention, the rollover provides action EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even those boring days, true degenerates still get at least 0.1 units from the degenerate rollover in TSP Live.

My goal with the rollover has been to show a few things…

First, you don’t need to force 1 unit wagers on quiet days to have fun. You can fire small 0.1 unit wagers which, if you bet smart, can grow nicely over time.

Second, these rollover wagers have illustrated bankroll management and “the grind”. The rollover bank has tickled the 5 unit level several times but never broke it. The rollover bank of course started at 0.1 units, and went all the way to 4.8 units before dipping back to 2.2 units and now back up to 5.1 units. The up and down movement is such a good illustrator of how REAL PROFESSIONAL gambling works. You don’t just print money…you get up and you get down…sometimes back to even…but if you bet smart and stay the course you keep grinding and over the time profits come. Patience is key and few gamblers have even an ounce of it…which is why few gamblers are successful.

The rollover is not done, but I hope it has shown how you can turn nothing 0.1 units into something 5.1 units with patience, strategic wagering and grinding!

All of Sunday’s TSP Live action…

KB Consensus 1-1 (now 11-3 on the season)
Book Position 1-0 (now 3-0 on the season)
TSP Live Radar table overall 5-4
Book Needs table overall 2-1
Rollover 1-0
Parlay +6 units
Teaser pending to today
Public Prop Fade 0-1
DCR Selections 0-1
Top Parlay Leg Fade 1-0
Top Teaser Leg Fade 0-1

What’s up for Monday on Telegram?

Small sharp buy going on for Texas/Houston UNDER 9 (-110) as sharps continue to see value, but get burned (up to today at least) on these UNDERs.

Good luck!!