Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

Not a bad day yesterday in TSP Live as the TSP Live Radar and Book Needs both go 1-0 thanks to Minnesota. We (as in you and I) cashed our teaser this week on Minnesota +12.5. Teasers are now 4-1 this football season! Unfortunately, the Public Prop Fade just can’t seem to get momentum. It catches a run and then gives it back to flounder down -3.3 units this season. To some the Public Prop Fade loss is an insurmountable loss that has entirely broken their bankroll and from which their families will never overcome the financial distress created for multiple generations…to others, it could be in the green by this time next week. Never ceases to amaze me that if you ask a novice bettor if gambling is free money, they will say no. Then these same folks are shocked when even just one bit of content has a losing record. Can’t fix stupid…despite my best efforts!

In today’s small sharp buying, seeing action on the following…

Arsenal/Sevilla UN2.5 (-104) in Champions League

Seattle +120 in NHL

Dallas/Pittsburgh UN6.5 (-124) in NHL

Arizona/Philadelphia UN8.5 (-107) in MLB

NBA Futures Report will be posted publicly later today.

Good luck!!