Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

Just another great day of content in TSP Live! November gets underway on WEDNESDAY…signup today at!

Let’s break it down…

TSP Live Radar went 5-3 after 8-0 Saturday for 13-3 weekend!

Book Needs went 3-1-1. Medium Book Need of Washington got the push.

Top Parlay Leg was Philadelphia making the fade Washington…push.

Top Teaser Leg was Kansas City making the fade Denver…OUTRIGHT WINNER!

Degenerate rollover action picked up 1 unit on New Orleans -2 to get the current bank to a record high in TSP Live of +6.2 units!!

No Public Prop Fade, but the sharp prop of Bagent UN11.5 rushing yards got there EASY for the win!

Teaser this week cashed to move teasers to 5-1 on the season (Washington +13 and Denver +13)!

Parlay lost as no Tubisky magic got the Steelers the cover…however another 2-1 result from the selections within…so Round Robin bettors ground a profit again!

All in all a winning Sunday and another EXCELLENT weekend! The TSP Live recipe of efficiency this season is working out beautifully!!!! Sometimes you just have to trust the process! 🤑🤙🍀

For Monday’s low level sharp buying…

Minnesota -2.5 (NBA)

Seattle +133 (NHL)

Florida +145 (NHL)

Arizona -103 (MLB)

Granada CF +255 (Spain La Liga)

Good luck!!