Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

I can’t say it any better than what was said in a message to me this morning…

True first real rough’ weekend and a) you called it with sharp money being low from the start and b) tightened parameters not triggering sort of senseless or non conviction plays and c) the index being down over last couple of days. The new content and filters is really something great. I mean just think about how all of those nasty messages were avoided bc the 70’s on the radars weren’t issues plays, or your insights to sort of cap off the exposure on the cardinals play LOL. Let’s get it back this week. Good luck sir!

Novice gamblers expect you will never have a losing week when you are a sharp bettor. Unfortunately, one thing not even the greatest of sharp bettors have figured out is how not to lose…ever. So, since you can’t “not lose”, the next best thing is to minimize losses when the action isn’t there…and that’s what happened this weekend.

Over the weekend, when there are usually 4-6 alerts covering major sharp action…there was only 1…a group buy on Saturday, nothing on Sunday. Sure, the TSP Live Radar went 1-5 on Sunday, but all were lower level angles. If you forced action out there, hopefully you forced it out there when that same TSP Live Radar went 13-3 last weekend. However, if you didn’t force it out last weekend…you should not have this weekend. Consistency in strategy is key to betting success.

I would advise caution again today…especially placing material action on lower tier angles/content.

In terms of today’s low level sharp buying…

NY Knicks +1.5

UConn -26

There isn’t a lot of clean action yet on NCAAB. Let’s see what develops.

Good luck!!