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Assessment: Finally got a little bit of action in the market after what was shaping up as a very boring week. Could attribute it to the holiday weekend bringing some traders to the beaches versus the floor. Regardless, there was selling yesterday, and that provided the best volume of the week so far, but no support was broken. So, it’s a whole lot of nothing until it is something.

Had some requests for an updated Path Predictor assessment of Bitcoin. You can find the chart here…

Bitcoin has the whole ETF news which is a big wildcard with Bitcoin right now. So, it is tough to assess things from a technical standpoint when you have a major fundamental catalyst driving things. We will see how that will play out, but the above linked chart shows the pivots which are the same levels as previous charts I have posted. Then I added in the predicted pattern for BTC in the near term.

Let’s see what we get today, if anything given the rather sedate volume this week.

Good luck in your trades!