Telegram Sports Update

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the Veterans out there for their service! Without all of you, I would not be able to do all this stupid shit I do here every day. All of you, men and women, are better than I am and you amaze me every day by your attitudes, sacrifice and courage. I am compelled to share a little story that always comes to mind on the topic of Veterans. When given the opportunity I will always thank someone for their service. If I see someone with a military hat, shirt or tattoo, and I have an opportunity just to give them a private “Thank You For Your Service,” I will take them up on it. I don’t want to put on a show in public or make them feel weird….scream it across the airport or something. Just a quick thanks. I have gotten a lot of great replies, but the one that really and literally touched me the most was probably the most obvious response to a “thank you” but I only got it once. Older guy in his late 60’s had on a Vietnam Veteran hat. He and his wife were standing at a high top table having a quick bite at an outdoor venue. My wife and I had just grabbed one of the small bites but did not have a table. As the Veteran and his wife were finishing up they motioned for us to come over and take their table. As we arrived at the table I said “thank you for your service,” to which he put his hand on my shoulder, looked me int he face and said “you’re welcome.” I don’t know what it was about his response, his calm energy in the moment, or what it was. but I get choked up even today remembering it to type it here. All of you are very impressive people. Thank you again!

As for today’s low level sharp buying…

Eastern Michigan +2 (NCAAB)

North Dakota St +24 (NCAAB)

Bradley -5 (NCAAB)

Old Dominion +13.5 (NCAAF)

Georgia Southern -1.5 (NCAAF)

Nevada +16.5 (NCAAF)

LSU -14.5 (NCAAF)

Good luck!!