Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

Yesterday saw the Algorithm Selections go 2-1, Book Needs (all Low Level) went 1-2, TSP Live Radar saw the 60-64 readings go 0-1, the 65-73 readings go 3-3 and the 74+ readings go 0-1.

The good news is our parlay went 2-0, so we have two remaining legs in the NFL to complete it. Let’s keep that rolling! The Degenerate parlay for 0.15 units went down.

The only TSP Live alert yesterday was the 74+ reading on the TSP Live Radar. Keeping it tight when the markets aren’t favorable and loose when they are favorable.

Low level sharp buying for today…

San Francisco -3 (NFL)

NY Giants +17.5 (NFL)

Seattle -6 (NFL)

Loyola Marymount -1 (NCAAB)

Good luck!!