The Necessary Reminders…

There is a reason I write more strategy when the content isn’t just printing money…EVERY GAMBLER CAN HANDLE WINNING…MOST CANNOT HANDLE LOSING, HOWEVER MINOR THE LOSSES MAY BE.

My goal is to pull some of you back from the abyss with my lessons and strategy…like today’s Legal Pad on my parlay strategy. Unfortunately, some (in today’s case 1 person) can’t just take a breath and listen. Instead of seeing it as educational and sharing how I am wagering today, they want to see it as somehow putting lipstick on a pig.

While 1 person is hardly a waterfall of messages, I do often address these messages despite the low quantity of them in case others feel that way and just don’t say it.

Realize that the reason I do what I do, like today, is because there are 20-30+ people who will message and thank me for the insights. Like last week…and saving some from betting 2.2 units on Arizona (in the teaser and the Book Need) by letting you know that I personally would only ride Arizona in the teaser and not straight too. Minimizing losses is almost as good as winning, because you have more money in your bankroll than you otherwise would have had.

The 1.1 units from Arizona last week…and the 2.2 units potentially saved yesterday by not issuing unit rated alerts on the Group Buy activity (S Alabama and LA Tech) is now 3.3 units we minimized…money that is in our bankrolls and not the book’s.

In yesterday’s TSP Live Memo I said, “Can’t avoid losses but minimizing them makes a huge difference in long-term ROI. Play loose when you are running and tight when Mr. Frost comes knocking. The death of most gamblers is they play tight when hot and loose when cold….and kaboom goes the bankroll!”

Tp which someone responded… “It’s crazy lol that really resonated with me. Very very controlled and almost passive while winning. Wheels fall off when losing lol. And I’ve been a professional gambler for 12 years!!”

It happens to the best of us and in-depth strategy can provide reminders that save many people from themselves…if they care to listen. All I can do is put it out there. The rest is up to you!

Good luck today!