Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

Pretty quiet day yesterday. The Algorithm selection lost with Tennessee St OVER 158. Over on the Go Fast And Win table ( and the “Free Analytics” page) the Canisius/Cleveland St UNDER cashed.

One of the things, and I do understand the criticism, is there can be a lot of content at The Sharp Plays. Advanced bettors understand that’s how gambling works. There is nothing where you just blind follow to success. Gambling is about taking a lot of information, from a variety of angles (what are sharp bettors doing, what are the top sharp bettors doing, what prices, what is the public doing, what do algorithms and statistical analysis say, etc.). Once you have all that information pouring in then you sort, filter, and analyzing it using experience and performance metrics to decide on wagers. So, the volume of content is great for advanced and professional bettors. However, the majority of followers are not professional bettors. It’s not a criticism. Every professional bettor starts out as a novice or intermediate bettor. Such early stage bettors need more hand holding. Again, not a criticism. So, the Go Fast And Win podcast and website have this in mind.

My goal is that the paid content will continue to operate under the TSP Live banner, and quality free content…like the Score Prediction Analytic and the Twitter rollover content (now the “Go Fast And Win” action) will now operate under the Go Fast And Win banner…both of which operate under “The Sharp Plays” as a whole. The Go Fast And Win banner will also provide regular podcasts and other material to assist advanced bettors in evolving, while at the same time educating novice and intermediate gamblers.

As with anything, it is a work in progress, but it should be tightened up in the coming week or two.

In terms of today’s low level sharp buying, I will post those on the Go Fast And Win update around 2-3pm ET. I’ll let you know here when that is updated.

Good luck!!