Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

I still haven’t finished the Billy Walter’s book, but last night I did read through the 240 pages or so of “Interior Castle” by Saint Teresa of Avila. It’s a book that discusses the evolution of the soul from outside the castle (hell & sin) through a series of “Mansions” and into union with God. I know, I am getting highbrow for sports recap. Roll with me.

The evolution of a gambler is not unlike the stages of Saint Teresa’s journey. You start out in betting hell…making every sort of bad mistake possible…you are a lunatic who thinks they are going turn a $200 bankroll into a $200,000 bankroll in a relatively short period of time and quit your job, that gambling is free money and being a professional gambler requires 2-3 hours per day. You then slowly progress, through the process of betting enlightenment (i.e. losing and learning through losses) the seven stages, losing all these false beliefs, and gaining some key traits along the way. At the other end of this journey is the gambler who is at total peace. He enjoys the ecstasy of the win, but doesn’t sweat the losses…fully accepts betting reality and enjoys the grind.

I get messages every day of people emailing about bad beats and tough losses…and don’t get me wrong, some losses are truly epic! I feel you. However, if you are taking the time to message me to share the pain of a bad beat, you already spent too much time on it. If each day you feel compelled to recap every single loss in detail, unless it is to gain insight and optimize your strategy (versus just whine and complain) you will never evolve as a bettor. I will always take your messages and politely reply (except to the few of you who are clearly morons) because my goal is to bring you to betting heaven.

In terms of yesterday’s content…Go Fast And Win went 0-2…first bad day of the analytic, but it was bound to happen…so no parlay there either. TSP Live saw the Algorithm Selections go 1-2 and the degenerate bankroll lose 0.14 units…but otherwise not much going on out there.

In terms of today’s low level sharp buying…

Georgetown -8.5 (NCAAB)

Cal Poly/Portland St UN141 (NCAAB)

Stanford +7 (NCAAF)

**The Go Fast And Win tables will be updated around 11:30am ET. Keep an eye on Twitter and Telegram for updates.**

Good luck!!