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Assessment: The touch of $50,000 in BTC is a psychological level. It was expected there would be a pullback, but the broader selling in the financial markets could exacerbate this move down. Have to watch key supports. Path Predictor BTC chart:

Update on DKNG…Nice move recently to get over $43. I am holding for the long-term as I like this one in the $70 to $80 range…be a nice ROI from both buys at $28 and then $13 when it really sold off. That’s just the way I am looking at it though.

Selling today in the broader markets was only a matter of time…as is always the case. The slow grind higher and on low volume had zero conviction. When you have that sort of climb higher, the support underneath is weak and serious selling can cut the supports on the way down like a hot knife through butter.

Good luck in your trades!