Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

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TSP Live Algorithm Selections continue a strong run into March as they move to 16-5 the L21! Let’s keep these hot through March Madness! The Degenerate Portfolio continues to go up and down as it works to get the necessary house money to open things up. Last year it took until late March…so far on track for that it seems.

The Go Fast and Win Score Prediction table went 0-1 and lost 0.17 units for the GFAW Portfolio as San Francisco melted away in the 2nd Half.

Early sharp buying…

Manhattan/Iona UN136.5 (NCAAB)

St Louis/Rhode Island UN155.5 (NCAAB)

Rhode Island +2.5 (NCAAB)

Niagara -10 (NCAAB)

Go Fast and Win analytics tables are updated at…click “Portfolio” to access.

Good luck!!