Telegram Trading

The below assessment is provided under the Financial Content Disclaimer at https://TSP.Live/financial-content-disclaimer/. Always consult with a licensed financial professional before trading.

Assessment: Since February 22nd, the S&P has gained a whole 9 points or 1.7%. It’s not a bad gain, but it’s not one of those where it has gone down 4%, up 5.7% and settled at up 1.7% for the period. Those types of swings provide good trading opportunities. A slow grind upward that averages 0.1% gain per day is tough to trade in a material way…let alone swing trading.

Options trading is not an option, unless you get into premium selling. It’s a slightly more complex strategy that requires margin, but it profits well in slow moving or sideways markets. Stocks are an option, but if you are trading margin that small ROI for the risk inherent gets even smaller.

Nobody likes to sit on their hands and wait for the bulls or bears to grab the reins and do something, but that’s about all you can do.

Good luck in your trades!