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Assessment: It’s like watching paint dry. I am here and watching, but I really don’t expect to see anything this week or next with the Easter holiday. It usually is the same very year where the week before and after is dead, but this year it’s REALLY dead. Volume is 60-70% of the average daily volume and nothing is going anywhere fast.

Be very cautious buying options right now because that time premium is decaying faster than roadkill. Trading stocks up or down is presenting situations where the risk isn’t worth the reward because movement is limited. So, I won’t force any looks.

What I will do is update on Draft Kings. As you know I purchased DraftKings back in 2022 and have held since then. I bought more in the $13 area and now we sit well over $40. For those also in the stock, a large block of CALLS were purchased yesterday in August $65 DKNG CALLS (which means looking for the price to get above $65 by August expiration). Obviously there is ZERO guarantee that the stock gets there, but nice to see some institutions taking betting that it will. My goal has always been $70 for this stock on a long-term hold and so I will continue to hold. If the market collapses and price goes back into the $20’s by some miracle, I would add more to my position again!

Good luck in your trades!