Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

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TSP Live the Algorithm Selection went 0-1 and the Degenerate Portfolio goes 2-1 for +0.1 units.

The Go Fast and Win Score Prediction table went 1-0 and the GFAW Portfolio went 2-0 cashing the Score Prediction analytic play on Clemson UN152 and the GFAW Podcast Selection on Illinois +105 for +0.26 units!

March Graded/Logged Content
Algorithm Selections 15-11 for 57.7% and a +10.1% ROI
GFAW Portfolio is +1.70 units
Degenerate Portfolio is -0.30 units
High Level Book Needs 1-1
Medium Level Book Needs 1-1
Group Buys 0-1

Early sharp buying…

Atlanta/Philadelphia UN7.5 (-115) (MLB)

Creighton/Tennessee UN144 (NCAAB)

Chicago -4 (NBA)

Go Fast and Win analytics tables are updated at…click “Portfolio” to access.

Good luck!!