Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

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TSP Live Portfolio picked up +0.32 units on a parlay as part of the TSP Live subscription.

The Go Fast and Win Score Prediction table went 0-1 and lost with Philadelphia which cost the TSP Live Portfolio 0.11 units.

Been a solid month as the TSP Live Portfolio gained +2.96 units of profit…+0.74 units from free wagers and +2.22 units from TSP Live subscriber wagers! Portfolio sits at +4.6 units of profit on the year…or anywhere from +9.2 units to +46 units depending on the multiple a veteran bettor may be using! Not too bad for part of it being free and the other part only costing $159.99 per month!

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Early sharp buying…

Baltimore -115 (MLB)

St Louis -106 (MLB)

Minnesota/CWS UN7.5 (-115) (MLB)

Go Fast and Win analytics tables are updated at…click “Portfolio” to access.

Good luck!!