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Assessment: Getting a further bounce in the markets today. Volume was light on Friday so a concern about conviction. A lot of retail bulls feel the sell-off is over and it is time to get back into the market. Retail is the “public” money in the financial markets so given how we look at public money in the sports betting markets…it’s not exactly something I would use to dive into this market with both hands.

I am curious to see if we get any earnings shocks. Last quarter saw a lot of positive surprises and often when there are a lot of positive surprises in one quarter people get overly optimistic about the next quarter and then sets up potential earnings misses and disappointments.

Let’s see what they give us today as to directional hints. Monday morning is tough to read due to the usual weekend readjusting of portfolios, but this afternoon will be key to watch what happens.

Good luck in your trades!