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It was a phenomenal April which saw the Algorithm Selections start out the baseball season nicely in the green for +6.7 units of profit on a 1 unit basis…and the TSP Live Portfolio blew up thanks to subscriber wagers that brought in +2.12 units of profits off an average of only 0.1 units of risk! Not to mention a 3-0 record for +5.8 units in NFL Draft props exclusive to TSP Live! Whether MLB, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, tennis, soccer, UFC, golf and more…TSP Live has you covered! If you took a break in April…you missed a MONSTER MONTH! Don’t miss any more.

The Financial Market Analytics Path Predictor table PERFECTLY caught the turn in SPY. It’s a new tool that was added to the FMA subscription in March and its value has been evident. Access to the Path Predictor table on the FMA Dashboard is worth the price of admission itself! Subscribers also receive Path Predictor charting on select positions, updated every trading day. Don’t miss the next great trade setup! Check out the FMA subscription at TSP.Live/fma.

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Thank you as always for your support! It is your support which makes all the TSP content possible…free & paid. It will not win every day, week, or month…nothing ever does in gambling. However, neither TSP Live nor the FMA have ever had a losing year…not even close…and I have been doing this since 2011 for sports and 2020 for trading! If you are looking for free money, please do not signup. I am sure there are plenty of others who will gladly take your money and provide you easy 65% winners on a daily basis!

Good luck in your action!