The Launch of TSP Insiders @!

Every year for the football season I like to launch a new bit of content or feature for The Sharp Plays brand. In 2023, it was the Go Fast and Win podcast (Score Prediction table +35 units). In 2022 it was the Degenerate Club Report which also brought the TSP Live Portfolio (+18% ROI is a nice addition to the content). In 2021, it was the Oddsmaker’s Report (enough said)…and so on. Typically, I will launch these new features in August just in time for football as a way to sort of get fired up for the new season. However, this year the undertaking is a little larger, so I am doing an early “soft opening” to test things out in June & July. Thereby, come August, the new content will be ready to roll for football (yeah…less than 60 days away)! So, without further delay, I give you…TSP Insiders @!

There are many sites out there that offer you the selections and information from various handicappers, sports services, and alleged professional bettors…and frankly, most (almost all) of them suck. Most offer you the picks from professional marketers and not professional bettors. The people you find on those sites will not be found on TSP Insiders. If someone is going to be branded as a “TSP Insider”, they have to pass muster as one of the best around at what they do! The TSP Insiders website will bring you information from REAL sports gambling insiders and REAL professional gamblers. Oh and unlike those various sites which offer you the picks of professional marketers, TSP Insiders will log every single selection, and keep a running record so you have a performance metric on every content provider on the website for the LIFE of their content at TSP Insiders! One of the things The Sharp Plays takes pride in is logging all the rated content and wagersand providing records since TSP started back in 2011 for anyone to peruse at any time (visit…that same philosophy will continue at TSP Insiders!

Wait…is TSP Live changing?!?! Absolutely not…ZERO TSP Live content will be moving to TSP Insiders. TSP Live will continue to operate, grow, and evolve as it always has and completely separately from what goes on at TSP Insiders. In fact, TSP Live subscribers will get a 20% discount on anything they purchase at TSP Insiders…along with other bonuses and exclusives from TSP Insiders.

The TSP Insiders platform will allow The Sharp Plays to bring in new sports and gambling talent for you to access. The goal will be to give you access to a perspective…actually multiple perspectives…that are different from what might be analyzed at The Sharp Plays. For example, I could bring in a CFL sharp bettor to breakdown the games at TSP Insiders for those of you who want CFL coverage…something I report on but don’t really follow. Another example is I cover golf outright buys, but there are all sorts of wagers within golf that are available to bettors…but as you know…and despite the success of golf content…I don’t follow the sport at all. I just report the sharp buys. Imagine now being able to pair the sharp buys and other information with an insider or professional bettor who ONLY BETS GOLF and could break down a variety of factors/wagers.

Oh and do not worry…TSP Insiders is owned and operated 100% by The Sharp Plays. TSP Insiders is not something where The Sharp Plays is licensing it’s name to another operator. So, you can trust that the same quality, work ethic, transparency, and performance that you get from The Sharp Plays will carry into TSP Insiders!

I will have further news and information on this new project, including the first bits of information offered through the platform as the days go along. For now though, I just wanted to let you know of the launch and allow you to check out the new site at

Thank you for taking the time to listen! I hope you will checkout the site at your convenience. There’s nothing to purchase at present, and I tried to keep the site simple and easy to navigate…just like ALL The Sharp Plays websites. Feel free to send any feedback.

Oh, one last side note…the reason for the soft launch is obviously to test things out. So, there could be links that don’t work, forms that don’t work, there could be issues when purchasing is activated, etc. If you find something that doesn’t work, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know. My goal is to work the kinks out over the next couple weeks and then have full and active testing in July…with the official football launch in August!

Good luck!