TSP Insiders Alert

There is a 2 unit MLB selection from Tony the Bookie available at TSPInsiders.com! When the selection is no longer available for purchase/shows on the purchase page, it means the wager has gone off or a quality price is no longer available!

To purchase the selection, visit https://tspinsiders.com/purchase-information/.

TSP Live subscribers, be sure to get your discount code for the special grand opening offer of 80% off TSP Insiders purchases at https://tsp.live/tspi-code/.

PLEASE REMEMBER…THIS IS A SOFT OPENING, A TEST RUN, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. THERE MAY AND LIKELY WILL BE ISSUES IN THE EARLY STAGES. PLEASE DON’T PANIC! Just drop a DM on Telegram (t.me/thesharpplays) or use the “Support” link on the website and you’ll get a reply within 15 minutes.

Good luck!