July TSP Live & FMA Subscriptions BEGIN TOMORROW!

To signup for TSP Live or the FMA subscription, visit https://tsp.live/tsp-live/

FOOTBALL BANKROLL BUILDING CONTINUED IN JUNE!! Look at these stats… TheSharpPlays.com/portfolio-performance/. Last month until football too!

Off a phenomenal April, the TSP Live Portfolio added another +2.34 units in May…and then added +1.09 units in June! Let’s keep the train running in July!

A bettor wagering $150 per 0.1 units in 2024 is +$12,075 in 2024…not a single losing month in 2024 either for the TSP Live Portfolio!

The new Financial Market Analytics will also be back in July! FMA provides access to the Path Predictor table, which is updated daily on the FMA Dashboard, is worth the price of admission itself! Subscribers also receive Path Predictor charting on select positions. Check out the FMA subscription at TSP.Live/fma.

For further details or to signup for TSP Live, visit https://tsp.live/tsp-live/. For details on the FMA subscription, visit https://tsp.live/fma.

Thank you as always for your support! It is your support which makes all the TSP content possible…free & paid. It will not win every day, week, or month…nothing ever does in gambling…but the grind always pays off in the end!

Good luck in your action!