What is the Degenerate Club Report?

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The Degenerate Club Report launched on January 1st, 2023, and has quickly become the featured content at The Sharp Plays! Take a look at the format/layout of two actual Degenerate Club Reports by clicking here.

Have you ever seen the movie “Karate Kid”? Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel several core secrets to karate through some odd jobs around his property…”wax on/wax off”, “paint the fence”, etc. For the youngsters… CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO. While Daniel is doing these jobs he gets all pissed off because he came to Mr. Miyagi to learn karate, and Mr. Miyagi is just having Daniel do chores for him. When Daniel snaps, Mr. Miyagi shows him how these chores are really exercises in karate techniques. My goal with the Degenerate Club Reports is to show you different tactics in betting…when to pass, when to play, leveraging wagers, patience, betting intelligence, and more. Much of this will be accomplished by dedicating just 0.10 units to a daily wagering exercise. As we move forward through 2023 I think you will find the exercises/education invaluable to your wagering, and the Degenerate Club Reports as some of the most valuable content anywhere. It’s not all about education in the Degenerate Club. There are also regular selections and in-depth market intel coming to you daily via the DCR (Degenerate Club Reports).

On a daily basis, the Degenerate Club Reports provide top level information discussing the latest from the book’s group chat (Oddsmaker’s Report), public dogs (for my favorite “public dog fades”), heavy public games, key Book Needs (wagers the book needs to win to achieve a high profit margin), known (sharp) bettor activity (like limit and above limit wagers), optimal book outcomes, what I consider as the most interesting wager/action of the day, breaking down what’s on the analytics, discussing any Pro’s v Joe’s, in-play strategy for the day, futures, individual sports breakdowns, interesting props and exotics along with a general commentary to tie it all together. It’s like the daily White House Intelligence Briefing for sports bettors…every single day! However, there’s more…

One of the biggest complaints people had with my content in the past is that there was so much information that they didn’t know how best to sort and use it. The Degenerate Club Reports were created to completely solve the problem of being overwhelmed by the content by making it very simple to follow along. How?

Don’t like to think about what you should wager? The Degenerate Club Reports provide rated straight forward wagers (rated from 0.10 units to 1 unit or more), along with the new tracked “Degenerate Club Selections” for you to follow. Each day there are typically 1-5+ Degenerate Club Selections for you to assess for your wagering. It makes it very easy for those who just want to blind follow and not handicap the games themselves. Don’t want to blind follow? No problem…

If you prefer to derive wagers on your own, versus blind following, the wealth of information (see the green section above) in the Degenerate Club Report allows those looking to handicap on their own to be fully apprised of what’s going on in the betting markets.

So, whether you like the wagers laid out for you, or you like to review the intel and decide what to wager on your own…the Degenerate Club Report has you covered!

Oh and the “Degenerates Only” section of the Degenerate Club Report puts together parlays and rollovers, starting with only 0.10 units of risk on a daily basis. I like to use this section to illustrate strategies and wagering tactics for low bankroll exposure…but high reward potential! The “Degenerates Only” section is where the Mr. Miyagi teaching adventure really comes in!

All in all, the Degenerate Club reports to bring you up to speed by providing you an in-depth macro look at the betting markets, thanks to information from inside two global sportsbooks…providing you a well rounded arsenal of weapons to attack the markets each day…pregame and in-play!

For performance records, please visit https://tsp.live/sports-records/. To signup for TSP Live (which includes access to the daily Degenerate Club Report), visit https://TSP.Live/tsp-live. Thanks for your support!

Good luck!

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ANALYTIC NOTICE: Analytics are provided to give you access to information that you otherwise would not be able to obtain publicly.

Analytics ARE NOT DESIGNED NOR INTENDED to tell you what to bet. Analytics are provided to make you a more informed bettor when handicapping and making your wagering decisions.

If you are placing a wager simply because the wager shows up within an analytic or alert, you are using the information incorrectly, outside its intended use, and opening yourself up to unnecessary risk.

While some analytics and information covers sharp action, it should be noted that sharp action can occur for many reasons beyond sharp money feeling a wager has value. Sharp bettors frequently wager for the purposes of middling, arbitrage, hedging, buyouts and more. Analytics do not discern why sharp money is betting, they just report that sharp money is betting. Just because something shows as “sharp” should not be construed as meaning the wager has value 100% of the time. A wager showing as sharp should also not be construed as a best bet, regardless of the reading within the analytic. The best sharp bettors have a win percentage of 54-56% (betting spreads), not the 60-100% that many touts and other unsavory sports gambling industry jerkoffs (technical term) may want to portray.

Good luck in your action!