Go Fast And Win Action Table

The Go Fast And Win Action Table on the Analytics page covers all sorts of wagers…rollovers, parlays, teasers, straight bets, futures and more!

The “Current Year’s Bank” that you see on the table was achieved through initial wagers of 0.1 units of bankroll risk. Once an initial bank was established through winnings, everything after that point becomes house money. When you look at performance through that lens, it illustrates the strength of the content that the current year’s profit was generated by starting with just a 0.1 unit wager!

The “Current Year’s Bank” takes into account all losing wagers along the way. So, the “Current Year’s Bank” is also the net profit for all wagers this year.

Once a bank of house money is established, wagers can range from 0.1 units all the way to the entire value of the “Current Year’s Bank”.

The benefit is once the bank is established the risk is all house money, not your bankroll principal! The dynamic allows me to open up to more risk than I normally would using principal bankroll.

At the end of the year, the profits remaining are banked and we start over fresh on January 1st… +0.0 unit Current Year’s Bank

Hope you enjoy the content! Good Luck!

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