The Sharp Plays Content Tiers

I am very proud of the volume of quality content I provide to TSP subscribers and followers on a daily basis. I regularly call The Sharp Plays, “The Sports Information Buffet”, and like any buffet, it is up to you what to put on your plate. Well, also like any buffet, you have your top tier stuff (crab legs, prime rib, shrimp), your mid-tier stuff (chicken breast, desserts) and then the bottom tier stuff (dinner rolls, salad, chicken nuggets). Sure…all of it is delicious and good, but clearly prime rib is not of the same level as dinner rolls.

The Sharp Plays content is much like the above buffet example…it’s all good, and it all has proven long-term performance, but there are clear differences within the content. So, in an effort to help people look at the content in an organized and hierarchical manner, I broke every bit of content down into three tiers.

Tier 1 Content: TSP Live Alerts (Oddsmaker’s Report, Hermes, select TSP Live Action alerts, TSP Live Analytics alerts)

Tier 2 Content: Algorithms and Sharp/Sharp Burst Reports which are all posted publicly to Twitter or the Telegram channel. No login nor subscription is necessary to access.

Tier 3 Content: Analytics table content which does not trigger a TSP Live nor a Twitter/Telegram public alert, select TSP Live Action alerts (which are labeled as Tier 3 within the alert) and general commentary I might post on the market action for the day or a specific event. My pizza bets also fall into this category.

Back in the day, sports handicapping services would rate selections on a star basis (usually 1 star to 3 or 5 stars) indicating the strength of the play. These same services would often also label selections as “opinions”. These “opinions” were basically selections they liked, but just didn’t have enough to get over the hump to earn a “star rating”. Think of all Tier 3 content as “opinions”…Tier 3 content interesting and it does perform, but on its own it is not worthy of a wager and some of it is not tracked nor logged…although you of course can track and log anything you like. If you combine your handicapping with Tier 3 information and that pushes you over the line to place a bet, so be it…that’s using Tier 3 content/information with other assessment (your handicapping) to come up with a wager. I would not base a wager SOLELY because something showed up as Tier 3 content.

What are we looking at in terms of volume of content from each tier? Some days, often multiple days at a time, might not see any Tier 1 content. Typically, you will get Tier 2 content 20 to 25+ days each month simply because of the algorithms…with the sharp/sharp burst reports sprinkled in here and there. However, it will be rare when there is no Tier 3 content for you to digest in a given day. You just have to realize, gambling is volatile in performance. As you go down in these Tiers that performance volatility increases. All tiers may provide long-term profits, but the path to get to those profits will be rockier and much more of a grind (it’s all a grind) as you move down in the tiers.

What is the performance of each tier? Over the short term, each tier (1 through 3) will see some incredibly hot winning streaks…and some brutally cold losing streaks. Thats gambling! When you zoom out over the long-term, it is expected that each tier will provide a profit. However, it is also expected that over the long-term, Tier 1 content will outperform Tier 2 content which will outperform Tier 3 content.

If you have a proper bankroll management strategy and are disciplined to your strategy, you will be better off than easily 97% of gamblers out there in the arena with you.

Good luck!