TSP Content Optimized!

Originally published on 2/19/2023

After yesterday’s performance I received several messages (thank you very much!), stating the non-football content has really been performing very strongly this year. I would have to agree. It’s been solid. I like to think (here comes the pat on the back) that the time I spent in the offseason assessing the content from last year, and assessing what was working in 2022 created a good recipe between the Degenerate Club Selections and the Degenerate Club reports, which were then complimented by things like the Oddsmaker’s Report alerts. Now of course, when you are winning, everything is genius. Even the haters dry up because other than telling you that you are a fraud, scam or clown, what can they say?

The reason the content is working is I only release things if I am willing to bet them. The new “if it’s rated, it’s graded” for public content on Twitter and Telegram, the new unit rating with any key content in TSP Live ensures that if I am not willing to bet it, it doesn’t go out. To me, the tighter setup has made the biggest difference.

People love NASCAR, soccer, cricket or tennis…as do I…well never been a big NASCAR fan…but I will bet it! LOL! I just might not watch the race. Anyway, there were always requests for content. I would then find what I could, post it and because it was posted I would log and grade it for transparency. Toward the end of 2022 I said, fuck that…it’s bringing the overall content performance down. I am not discussing optimal situations but twisting to the whims of degenerates (like myself) who want any action on their favorite sports. I totally understand, but I am not going to cover things on Twitter, Telegram or in TSP Live unless they meet certain levels. If they don’t meet certain levels, I might report, but I will be VERY EXPLICIT that I do not believe something is worthy of a wager, is not rated and will not be graded…and that I am just posting due to request. Yet even those situations will be very few and very far between.

The other thing that I feel has been key to improving the content is that I have been doing things to make the operations more efficient…which then frees up my time from TSP clerical tasks and allows me to spend more reviewing the market action. In doing so, yes things get lost…like the Book Needs table or TSP Live Radar (outside football), but hopefully yesterday shows that there is a method to the madness.

I bring both of these up because I am assessing more tweaks and changes to old operations to help maximize the time I have to work on content and minimize the time spent on clerical activities and maintenance. Clearly, when I have more time to assess content…and then only release the content I consider wager worthy…the results very much speak for themselves.

The third part of this performance optimization trifecta that I have done a lot more of recently is PASSING! In the past there was almost never a day without some sort of angle reported on Twitter and Telegram. There was rarely a day without some sort of sharp buy or some content delivered to TSP Live for a potential 1 unit wager. Notice recently that hasn’t been the case? Once again, it makes a big difference. I have NEVER…yes NEVER had a Saturday since paid content launched in March 2019 where there was not at least something released for 1 unit. So far in 2023…less than two months…we have had two Saturday’s with ZERO 1 unit action! I know, how dare I celebrate not having action on a Saturday, LOL, but hopefully you get the point. Not to mention multiple weekday passes on 1 unit wagers. As I like to say, not every day is a good day to bet.

The whole process of limiting wagers to only proper setups, of passing when nothing good is there, of optimizing methods and researching angles even deeper is EXACTLY what true professional wagering and sharp bettors are all about. My goal is to bring you to that level. So, whether you like passing or not. Whether you want coverage of soccer even when it isn’t there. I won’t be covering that. If it means you don’t follow or don’t subscribe, so be it. I rather make sure we do things the sharp way or not do them at all! I think with this new philosophy you will see the benefits in performance and operations as we move forward in 2023.

So, as we move forward, rest assured I do cover every market available at the book. The bots scour every market to find things that are worthy of a closer look. I then put my human eyes and experience on those things and then I report back to you. It’s been working good…which means I probably just jinxed Sunday…but seriously…I expect this level of performance to continue. We will DEFINITELY have bad, awful and ice cold days, weeks and maybe even months…but they should be fewer, lighter and much easier to weather than in the past. At the same time, I will have us in the game when the setups are right, pass when they are not…even if it is a Saturday or multiple days…even a week at a time if nothing is there…and I will scratch those degenerate itches while we wait for setups using the 0.10 unit wagers to pass the time.

Thanks as always for joining me and here’s to a great 2023!

That’ll do it for me today. I hope you have a wonderful day and good luck in your action!