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The goal of the TSP Daily Briefing is intended to act as a Wall Street Journal of sports betting information. TSP Daily Briefing pairs great with your morning coffee or breakfast! On a daily basis, the TSP Daily Briefing provides subscribers with…

  1. A recap of the previous days market action and a general discussion of current news and events connected to gambling or The Sharp Plays.
  2. A look at the current trends within the TSP Index.
  3. A look at where the early sharp buying is taking place in the betting markets.
  4. Commentary discussing market action for the day ahead, how current markets are trending (using the TSP Index), as well as wagering strategies and my betting plan for the day.

The TSP Daily Briefing is intended to provide an inside look at the action going on in the markets for the day & week ahead. Bettors can then use the information in developing their wagering strategy. I love talking about the action in the markets, betting strategies and more. TSP Daily Briefing is an outlet for that content.

TSP Daily Briefing is included FREE for all TSP Live Monthly Subscribers and is included in the $50 TSP Live Weekly subscription. TSP Daily Briefing is also available as an independent subscription for those not interested in signing up for TSP Live. Thanks for the interest and support!

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