TSP Live Charter


Regardless of what you think of me or the content I post, over the long term there is no doubt about the performance and quality of that content. All content since 2011 is tracked and posted at TheSharpPlays.com…and it isn’t even close. It is not just limited to one sport or even domestic US sports. Just yesterday (this “TSP Live Charter” message was posted 9:45am ET on 9/20/20) I posted sharp Aussie Rules Football and sharp KBO, two sports that few cover and the content provided went 2-0…which was on top of the 2-0 provided in both leagues the night before as well…which is on top of current winning records for the season in both leagues! My point isn’t to tout (oh no, there’s that word) the content’s performance. It is rather to get readers to take a breath and bet for the long term, not the short term. In the long term, I have no doubt that the combination of free and paid content will provide you with a very healthy annual return. There really is no debate. All records are tracked daily at the website for you to view, every angle posted is logged in the content log at https://thesharpplays.com/tsp-performance-log, and not to mention dozens of other folks independently track everything for themselves and ensure I am completely accurate! However, it is important to prepare yourself to have ugly days and ugly weeks in your sports wagering journey. It’s unavoidable and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit. No matter the content, tool or analytic…losing is unavoidable.

When losing happens we will all curse TSP Live Analytics for deficiencies (regardless of the long term performance of TSP Live’s Analytics content). However, it is STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to wager for 52 weeks each year and not to have MULTIPLE weeks where you lose 80% or more of your bets! Even if TSP Live Analytics content were to help you hit 58% annually (which would be legendary for sports betting on point spreads) across all the TSP Live Analytics content for the year, at least 22 weeks out of 52 weeks are calculated to be losers…based on an annual 58% win percentage!!

Despite how impressive a 58% win percentage would be, in the process of achieving that outrageous return, you’d still have to experience four weeks with less than 20% winners and 22 out of 52 weeks you would lose money. Therein lies my illustration of short term versus long term. In the short term you have to experience losing days and weeks, some of which will be bloodbaths. However, when you look at the big picture, you printed money betting sports that year to the tune of a +10.73% edge you had over the house…thanks to your record setting 58% win percentage. You don’t need to win every week to make a healthy ROI betting sports. So, don’t try to win every week, it ain’t happening. Take it slow, be patient, shrug off the losing weeks, grind it out and laugh all the way to the bank!

I appreciate the support all of you provide with your TSP Live Analytics purchase. Your purchase helps to support things important me and continually expand the content and technology that makes up The Sharp Plays! I wish every week could be a winner for you, but statistically it is impossible. I wish you never had any bloodbath weekends either, but statistically that is impossible as well. Be prepared for the bloodbaths because THEY WILL happen BUT… if you bet smart, stay disciplined and bet for the long term, you should come out well ahead of the game every single year. If you don’t, then you should never be purchasing TSP Live Analytics!

Thanks again for taking part, good luck in your action and let’s have some fun!