TSP Live Important Information


PLEASE READ: First, BETTING IS DIFFICULT! If you expect to win every week, you are very misguided. Gambling, at the professional level, is a GRIND! You win many days/weeks, you lose many days/weeks and when the dust settles you’ve hopefully won more than you lost and in doing so ground out a profit. The sportsbooks are not a welfare program giving away money to every bettor (or a majority of them). If the size of sportsbooks and the proliferation of offshore and local bookmakers doesn’t show you how profitable it is for the book, versus the player, you should stop gambling. You can win at sports betting, BUT only about 4% of players do. What differentiates the 4% from the 96%… patience, discipline and being realistic in your betting expectations.

Important TSP Live Information:

1) The type of content covered will include any Top LJP Score of the Day, Just Missed Top LJP Score of the Day, any Wild or Late LJP Moves, any Sharp Consensus betting, among a variety of LJP Score and other angles. Further details of this session’s content are laid out on the page where you signed up (TSP.Live/tsp-live). It’s always worth giving the TSP Live signup page a second read so you know what to expect.

2) The majority of the content delivered by TSP Live is the tracking of sharp money. Sharp money can bet moments before the event. I know it can be frustrating to get an alert minutes before an event, BUT an alert cannot go out before the action is placed. TSP Live is a content delivery system… not a time machine. Alerts are issued within 30 seconds of the triggering action being placed at the sportsbook.

3) While I do my best to post the highest quality content… TSP Live will not be profitable every week for you, it’s simply not realistic nor possible. Yes, that means there will be weeks you spend money on TSP Live and lose bets on top of it. However, the expectation is the winning weeks will far outweigh the losing weeks. Betting for the long-term will make you a long-term bettor, betting for the short term will make your bankroll very short. Short term, anything can happen because nothing in life is guaranteed, not even fixed games (Referee Donaghy’s cohorts cashed “only” 70% of the games he fixed, not 100%).

4) I do not advise you how or what to bet. I report the action in the markets, what the algorithms are showing among a variety of different betting relating information. I track the performance of all the content posted. The sole purpose of the tracking is to make you an educated bettor when deciding what content to play, pass, fade or whatever YOU decide. Content tracking should not be taken as a suggestion to bet the content posted. Find what works for you, what works within your bankroll, and cash some tickets!

Thanks again for taking part and good luck in your action!