TSP Live LJP Performance


I do believe that LJP Score performance in TSP Live will see different pattern performance than the LJP Scores posted publicly on Twitter and tracked at TheSharpPlays.com. It is for this reason I will be tracking separately all the LJP Scores that appear within TSP Live. The intention of the tracking here is to give you a complete look at the LJP Performance solely within TSP Live.

The reason I hypothesize that LJP Score performance in TSP Live will be different from the major angles and those LJP Scores tracked on Twitter is that within TSP Live there is no filtering. On Twitter I pick and choose what games and angles to report based, not just on LJP, but other factors too. In TSP Live it lacks that filtering since all games are covered AND the LJP Scores are run and reported days in advance of the events (versus on Twitter which covers reporting the day of the event). So, let’s see what patterns emerge.

LJP “Down” moves are typically considered fades and are shown in red. So, if LJP 2D shows as 0-5 in the chart below, the fade of 2D’s would be 5-0.

Updated 10:00pm ET on 11/30

LJP Up/Down/Open Performance

LJP Score (All 5’s are 5U) Win Loss Win Pct. Units +/-
4U 0 0 0.0% +0.0
 4OPEN 0 0 0.0% +0.0
4D 0 0 0.0% +0.0
3U 1 0 100.0% +1.0
 3OPEN 0 0 0.0% +0.0
3D 0 0 0.0% +0.0
2U 18 14 56.3% +2.6
 2OPEN 1 0 100.0% +1.0
2D 0 0 0.0% +0.0
1U 83 82 50.3% -7.2
1OPEN 80 94 46.0% -23.4
1D 2 4 33.3% -2.4
28 29 49.1% -3.9

** – When any positive LJP Score drops back and closes as a 0/0, betting on the team that was positive (“0D”) yielded the listed results. For example, if Tampa was an LJP 1 and then Tampa drops & closes as a 0D, the record shown is if you BET WITH Tampa (the last side/total with a positive score). Obviously a negative record would lead you to believe fading the LJP Scores with the negative record would yield positive results.